Live! as opposed to survive


The latest numbers of the Gallup-study demonstrate, that 85% of employees in Germany have only a small or no emotional tie with their company. The amount of burnouts and depressions has increased rapidly.


A pure maximization of profit does not make happy on the long run. The maximization of significance does.

People only then become happy, when they feel that they are valuable to others. “You can only be very meaningful if you are connected to your power, if you know who you are and if you know what you stand for.” As soon as people recognize and live their true values, they can act authentically and be reliable partners. It is important thereto, to free oneself from obstructive thoughts and to communicate thruthfully. Holistic success is the logical consequence …

People find satisfaction


Our powerful impulses in workshops and coaching’s does provide you with practical and applicable tools at any time:



  • Open yourself for new perspectives
  • Feel more life energy
  • Experience your authentic success

Draw an impuls-card

and get inspired!


Our Claim … is to give orientation through our impulses with enthusiasm and attentiveness. We arouse potential in people, systems and companies. Thereby we foster joy in development, offer structure and support to discover signification and new power resources.

Since 20 years we are dealing with “the human being in the centre of attention”.

Latest findings from science & research

Interesting things about scientific backgrounds.

Whole – Simple – Good.

  • Whole

    Holistic ways of development expand awareness and open perspectives. We shed light on all levels: cognitive, mental, emotional, spiritual.


  • Simple

    We bring it to the point and make it transparent and provide you with brainproof experiences. We use images, experiences, metaphors and useful knowledge from science and research in order to touch people. Simply do it and do it simply.


  • Good

    We recognize the good in people, foster resources and close circles. We work towards solutions and according to resources. Thereby we support to make the unconscious visible. Our operation principle is constructive and responsible. We foster value through appreciation. We are emanating from a positive picture of mankind and presuppose that everyone wants to be healthy and happy.

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