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  • Latest findings from Science & Research

    „The proof of the pudding is the eating.“



    Quantum physics: Are we humans more than matter?

    This is based on the scientific findings of quantum physics and combines the usable implementations of Dr. Richard Bartlett (Matrix Energetics ®) and Dr. Frank Kinslow (Quantum Healing, Quantum EntrainmentTM engl.) together with variations grown out of the practice. The core element is the conscious use of the famous quantum physics – “observer effect”, which leads to a change in the information and energy structure.


    As the physics of the last decades have proven, we are made of pure energy. Matter, as we know, our body, our bones, the brain, etc., is nothing else than a concentration of energy units (quanta) in the form of molecules and atoms.


    Neurobiology: Can we switch on our brains?

    Yes, according to the knowledge and research findings about the brain:
    Neuroplasticity = active adaptability of the brain.

    This ability plays an important role in medicine and we dwell on to: motor learning, chronic pain syndromes, phantom limb pain, ADHD, ADD, stroke, traumatic brain injury, dyslexia, aging and depression. Underneath an overview of the most important scientific results:



    • The brain is not hard wired. (is not wired firmly or permanently)
    • The extent of the brain areas of the body regions increases through frequent use
    • Learning processes activate stem cells in the brain and improve the nerve connections.
    • Nerve cells cannot simply be multiplied by division.
    • Also old people form new nerve cells in the brain by stem cell activation.

    • From nerve-supporting cells, new neurons arise.

    • The mind can change the body, for example by exercise or meditation.

    • Experiences activate genes individually.


    The well-known management trainer Vera F. Birkenbihl has dealt with these issues and with a number of research approaches and findings for more than 40 years:


    Bruce Lipton and Cell Research


    The cell biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton has provided evidence with his groundbreaking cell research that we are not victims of our genes, but that our spirit is stronger! Our mind “creates” reality – we are powerful and life-creators.

    Recent scientific studies have brought to light, that not our DNA is responsible for our behavior, but that our environment forms us almost completely from our conception until the age of 6. In his revolutionary speech “How do we become what we are,” Dr. Lipton demonstrates in an impressive and understandable way, that we are already formed as of our conception through our environment.




     Double Slit Experiment




     Bruce Lipton



  • Projects, which we support

    Orphans in South Africa

    Helping people help themselves – We support orphans in South Africa, which have largely lost their parents to AIDS and were partly already HIV-infected themselves as infants.


    Molly, a white South African woman who cares selflessly for sometimes more than 50 children in need of protection. These infants are even placed anonymously in front of the door. It offers all children a home and she is gratefully referred to as “Mum” by them. For this purpose Molly makes her own house available. The children are fed and get clothes as well as possible. Even if the food is very scarce sometimes, at least the children receive a lot of love. Molly makes sure that the children are encouraged to go to school regularly and if possible, even receive an education

    Thanks to Molly’s tireless efforts of the last almost 30 years, several hundreds of children have received the chance of a new life. The “Mum” of the little orphans is entirely dependent on donations and volunteers.


    Molly dreams about small cottages on the adjacent property, which has already been transferred to her. Only when in each case max. 6 children are located in an equipped hut / small house, with a volunteer foster mother, Molly can finally hope for financial support for her activities from the state. This means that she has to build and finance the small houses/cabins first before the running costs will be financially supported. So government funding is only provided upon proof of the finished cabins!


    Please help us realize Molly’s dream and to ensure that each child receives at least one meal a day. Thank you!


    Football in township

    We support an impressive colored police inspector who has taken on the task, to pick up children and young people from the street, so they do not end up committing crimes and they have a more hopeful perspective of the future.  As part of his activities he trains over 400 boys from the Town Ship (slums). They have 3 times a week a very intense football training and one game at the weekend, so they enjoy an intensive care.


    In addition school results are also considered. The children attend school regularly (which is unfortunately not taken for granted there), have better grades than other students, a higher status in society, because the training goes far beyond football coaching. They learn, among others, discipline, team spirit, responsibility, punctuality, perseverance and a value system which will later allow a better start in their careers. What we take for granted here, needs there to be brought to consciousness first. The children love to learn, train very hard and hope for a better future.

    None of those children have become delinquent yet, what unfortunately because of distress normally happens again and again. Many children of the “coloreds” are being exploited and used for burglaries. The children from the training develop awareness and have even helped the police several times.


    As we have seen them in training for the first time, we were positively surprised by the intense, good training in South Africa. Some of the children played barefoot on a very rough area, with lots of stones and holes. This they described as their football field. Unfortunately, not even money was available for goals. Stones were used to define the goals. So the basics were already missing and still these children train so hard, as this often is the only thing they can cling to. That touched, fascinated and impressed us enormously. We have, thanks to sponsors, arranged for stainless goals and balls for the children to train with. In addition, most of them now have shoes, shorts and a sound T-shirt. During the hand-out of the clothes and by the look of the great new goals, the children’s eyes sparkled grateful. The inspector was so thankful for our efforts, our interest and our appearance, because according to him, no white (wo)man has ever been interested in these children / adolescents. For the blacks it was a new experience, that white people drive into the “infamous” slum to talk and work with the children.

    He thinks they would train even harder through the precious gifts and our demonstrated interest and had given them a lot of hope. We showed them some exercises and on each visit to South Africa, we practice “Lifekinetik” with them as some big famous football teams in Germany do.

    The children know a lot of German players by their names and think that Germany is of course great. The World Cup last year has greatly contributed. Soccer is very, very popular there.

    We are grateful for any support and encouragement. Every euro counts! You can reach with little soooo much. Each gift is given directly to the children, because we care about it personally on site. Promised!! As I said, it lacks basic necessities. On top of that many black adults have AIDS and some of the children are semi orphans, or have seriously ill parents, which cannot help them in any way. Many children do not even have enough to eat every day. Some starve and others feed themselves only with dry white bread. There is much to do. We are pleased that the children now have goals. It would be even better if these adolescents would be able to have something to eat, perhaps in conjunction with their training. Ideas and needs are abundant.


    We would like to act more from the heart, for the benefit of all involved. So if you have an idea or know someone who might be helpful, please let us know. Perhaps there is a way by means of the foundation to make a contribution again to support self-support. Any kind of recognition and appreciation can make a difference. We would be very pleased receiving a positive feedback.


    We as trainer and coaches take a few weeks every year to volunteer to help other people, to train, to create new awareness and create fruitful outcomes by doing so. Many young people who participated already enjoyed a better start in their careers. Already a “professional player” (unlike our situation) emerged from this training program. This builds even more an incentive for the children of course. But it’s a long way still. All coaches and officials on site are volunteering and their personal resources are more than modest. The new goals are of course the sensation and have made hundreds of children’s hearts beat faster. This creates hope for families and friends and they may be more willing to set off on their journey as well. These small signs of attention even had a positive effect throughout the city and region. There is so much to do and we all have always the opportunity to contribute positively to it!





  • Wisdoms & stories

    “Watch your thoughts, for they become your words.

    Watch your words, for they become your actions.

    Watch your actions, for they become your habit.

    Watch your habits, for they become your character.

    Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny. “

    From the Talmud



    The invitation



    That is life

    Reflecting Words


    Nelson Mandela



    About Love




“What is behind us and what is in front of us are trivia compared to what’s within us

And if we carry what is within us outside into the world, miracles occur.“

Henry David Thoreau